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November 29, 2021

Woods for the construction of furniture: Furniture is built using wood as its primary raw material. The raw materials used in the construction of wood furniture are the first step. The varieties of wood that are used to build furniture should be examined before we get into a discussion about the quality of the wood....

Indian architecture

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For decades now, Indian architecture and interior design has been a big fan of wood. There are several ways to use wood into architectural designs, and its durability and timelessness also play an important role. Wood is a sustainable option for interior design if it is supplied legally and sustainably. There are many varieties of wood accessible in the Indian market, as well as their uses in design.

Everyone’s home wants a smattering of wood furniture and décor these days. They are long-lasting, sturdy, and fashionable. Furniture is made from a variety of woods. According to availability and sustainability in various weather circumstances, as well as whether or not they will be inside or outdoor, these materials are chosen.

The finest wood for furniture must match the key requirements of long-term durability and lifespan. Interior design is incomplete without furniture and it’s a common goal for any family or housewife to make their home more beautiful. So, for these reasons it is necessary to choose the best.

There are many different types of wood to select from, and this article will help you choose the ideal one for your needs. Let’s have a look at five types of Indian furniture-making wood.

Wood from the teak tree

Furniture, cabinets, door frames, and ornamental objects are all made from this species of wood. Both native and imported varieties are available in the state of Kerala. Teak wood’s most notable attributes are its high price, remarkable sturdiness, and long-life expectancy. The wood has a leathery scent and has a lot of oil in the structure of teak wood.

Teak’s characteristics:

In the beginning, teak appears yellow-brown, but with time, it darkens in colour. The wood’s gloss makes it seem expensive. In addition, the texture is both delicate and gritty. There are just a few knots in between the grains as well. Furniture made of teak wood ensures that the eyes of your guests are drawn to the beauty of your home. Teak is known as the “King of Timbers” by experts.

To construct teak chairs, carpenters use teak, a hefty wood, since it can endure pressure and because of this, teak wood is a viable alternative for furniture.

Insects and other forms of deterioration are not able to attack teak wood as it has an oil to keep out other pests and fungus like mould and fungi.

It is easy to cut, bend, and mould teak according to the design of particular furniture since it is very workable. External pressure on the wood has no effect on its form, which makes it an excellent material for furniture. There are a number of reasons why it’s a great choice for both a chair and your bed.

Teakwood’s applications:

Teak wood is often used by carpenters to build furniture for the home. In addition to the most basic interior furnishings, teak wood furniture may be found in the form of ships and fences. Teak has a stranglehold on the market, craftsmen, and interior designers alike.


In Malaysia, it’s known as Marandi, and it’s the most often imported ingredient. Decorative objects such as shoe racks and trunks may all be made from cedar wood. Aside from the fact that it takes less upkeep and is visually pleasing, this kind of wood is ideal.


Known as sheesham, rosewood is found in Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Karnataka, Kerala and Madhya Pradesh mostly. For furniture, it’s the most popular choice since it can be finished in a variety of ways. Although it’s a little pricey, it’s long-lasting and termite-resistant, so it’s a good investment. A wide range of furniture, including sofas, dining tables and cupboards for the kitchen, may be made from it. Sheesham is used to make a variety of musical instruments.

Wood with a matte finish

To get an elegant or vintage appearance, satin wood is the finest choice. You may give it whatever design or finish you choose since it’s polished. Satin wood is prevalent in the central and southern parts of India and requires a lot of upkeep. There are many uses for it, including making ornamental things and furniture, since it is quite durable.

Timber from the Sal forests

In Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka, you may find this sort of wood. It is resistant to water and termites, and can tolerate subterranean conditions. Sal wood is often used in the construction of window, door, and beam frames.


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